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When Mobile Apps Collude…

In the world of communication technology, we are often looking at new ways of collaborating, sharing and exchanging information with each other. Mobile Apps have now made that level of collaboration so convenient. Especially when we can do all fancy stuff with smart phones these days. People keep talking about privacy issues and that an individual must take notice of the various permissions these Mobile applications need to access from

World System Theory and Indian Business

Doing business these days is much more complex than having a proper financial, HR, product and Marketing plan. The strategies of most companies often are centered on these considerations. They believe that if they have a good product and a good marketing strategy and good people to sell them the business will bring in finances. They however forget one important aspect which is the legal system both domestic and international

The Joy of Car Pooling

Traveling at the speed of 5 km/ph from Wakad Bridge to the college had been a regular affair. I could never travel beyond a speed of 15 km/ph at any given time during that stretch. Saturdays were a joy when no IT employee travel to Hinjawadi. Lakhs of cars moving towards the same destination at the same time every day made the roads bad and narrow. At the end of

Are you Mad?

Today the topic of our car discussion was on madness and normalcy. When we call someone else as mad we are assuming that they do not fit into what we decide/define as the normal. So we brand those who do not belong to our idea of normalcy as mad. Just like these days the leading news channels have branded a lot of Indians as anti-nationals because they did not toe

A Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Date: 10th September 2016 Venue: Assembly Hall Speaker: Mr. Amit Chauhan (Sr. Manager, R&D – EMC Corporation) SCIT batch 2016-18 was thankful to have Mr. Amit Chauhan as its guest speaker, who enlightened the students on the topic of Cloud Computingand Virtualization. Assistant Prof. Anuradha Goswami welcomed Mr. Amit by handing over a bouquet to him. Mr. Chauhan explained with more and more businesses opting for