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Inflation and it’s impact on our daily lives

As a kid I never realized buying groceries would be such a painful experience. I might sound funny but the way the rate of inflation in India is increasing, I might have to take a loan each time to replenish the larder! Sometimes I wonder how the common man is managing when middle class families such as ours, with two earning members are pinching pennies. According to Gallup’s Financial Wellbeing

BYOD- a new issue in IT

What is BYOD ?  Decades back on the shop floor a cryptic jargon BYOD was in vogue, it said  “bring your own dinner” .This was meant to tease the employee , particularly in the night shifts, who had nothing to supplement their hunger. Amazingly this cliché BYOD has come back in the IT sector with a new flavor, Bring Your Own Device . As the workspace crunch and flexi-timings are

MBA (ITBM)-Information Security Management Specialization @ SCIT

A secured career in the making…. Google defacing….Sony play station attack…, ICICI Bank phishing….Facebook massive attack… Aren’t these words alarming? The security incidents are increasing at huge rate and Organizations across the globe have realized the importance of security in Business. This definitely has increased the demand for trained security professionals. Earlier organizations used to strive only for achieving their goals, but now they also strive for aligning their businesses

Prepare Yourself for Contribution to High Value Added IT Offerings!

Last fifteen years have been a witness to the great evolution of Indian IT industry, particularly, in service arena. The robust growth in IT service rendering has been a talk of all forums at national and international levels. However, those, who had been associated closely with Indian IT industry, have their reservation on the sustainability of this growth saga. Recent serial economic downturns have threatened the Indian dream of remaining

Entrepreneurship – It’s all in the mind !

Before I begin, I would like to assure you that I am not going to simply lecture you about how awesome being an entrepreneur is – I am not one. But giving it a thought can prove to be a worth. The liberalization, which was started in 1991, and the Information Technology boom of the mid-late 90’s, have been significant factors, leading to a wave of entrepreneurship sweeping through the


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