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Can one afford ignoring upcoming technologies?

Being a manager in an IT organization needs good understanding of business management in high-technology industry. This involves the knowledge of fundamentals of business management and also, of managing the technology for leveraging value and high-returns. Therefore, the idea of not bothering much about technology is flawed. Mapping the technology trend to understand the strategic shifts that your business needs to take in near and distant future is in the

“I don’t mind the Rupee falling, so long as some of it falls on me!”

In my last blog post I was talking about things rising in India like prices, inflation etc. Then I thought what about things falling in India? Ta-da… THE RUPEE!  The quote in the heading as beautifully stated  by Mario Miranda certainly amuses, but the fact which really concerns me is the current exchange rate of my beloved currency Rupee against the mighty Dollar! It now takes almost 54 of these

Manifestation of learning…..an example

Dear All Swami Vivekananda cautioned the world on the inefficiencies of present-day education because it lacked definite goal which can be put to action. He related examples of (i) a sculptor has a clear idea about what he wants to shape out of the marble block; similarly, (ii) a painter knows what he is going to paint. But some teachers, he says, have no clear idea about the goal of

Industry Ready or Industry Leading!

Every now and then, we read, hear or talk about our youth not able to serve in industry effectively. Being “Industry Ready” or “Employable” is an intrinsic requirement of graduating students. Management and technical education keeps a strong focus on hands-on-experience so that students learn the way industry works. There has been genuine concern across the country and our college education system adopted pragmatic approach to relate education with livelihood.

He is in a catch 22 situation….

He has an opinion on everything and everybody. He used to speak his mind out without really thinking about the consequences. His friends started telling him, ‘how could you say that?  She is hurt, you hit below his belt etc…” He realized (rather others made him realize) that he is creating unintended outcomes through his utterances.   One fine day he stopped talking. Then people began to murmur behind his back


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