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Graffiti 2011

At SCIT I have been experiencing a lot of positive vibes filled with enthusiasm and  creativity  from the student team working for Graffiti  2011. I can see the preparations going on in full swing for Graffiti 2011 , hosted by SCIT. It’s my belief that you guys will learn “Management” in real time by getting involved in planning these activities.  Let me also tell you that the website that’s launched for

Is an MBA about just these four Ps?

Dear Students I understand that the placement season has started, and all of you are getting excellent offers from the best of blue chip companies.  In my understanding the MBA aspirants and the students pursuing MBA are very concerned about 4 Ps i.e.  Placement, Package, Profile and Prospects.  This makes me ponder — Is an MBA about just these four Ps? In my belief, one cannot just ‘quantify’ the output of an

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