Current Topics in IT Service Management

A guest lecture was conducted on 18th December on the current topics in IT Service Management. The guest lecturer was Professor Dr. Bernhard Ostheimer who is Head of the Department Business Informatics / Information Systems at University of Applied Sciences at Mainz in Germany. He began with an introduction of himself and gave a brief overview of his country and university. He gave an introduction of ITSM which is quite

Big Data- Its Corporate Use and Research Efforts

The DS&DA batch had a guest lecture scheduled on 18th Dec. The guest was Prof. Dr. Gunther Piller who is from the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, Germany. Dr. Gunther started off the guest lecture by showing the students where exactly Mainz is located and its surrounding landmarks. Dr. Gunther has been a professor at this university since 2008 and told us how this university is different from large universities

A Viewpoint on Cyber Security

A guest lecture was conducted on Cyber Security on 10th December 2019 at SCIT. The key speaker was Mr. Himanshu Porwal who is a Cyber Security Consultant at TCS.  He has completed his MCA and has a corporate experience of over 18 years. His core skills are security strategy, SOC solution, Cyber Security, Breach detection, Security Architecture, Risk Management, Monitoring and Incident Response, IT Controls Audit and Compliance Assurance, Security

Thalassemia Awareness: The Need of the Hour

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that causes an individual’s body to create an abnormal form or an inadequate amount of haemoglobin, which directly results in the destruction of a large number of red blood cells in the body, thus the individual develops anaemia. In order to address the need for awareness on this subject matter, Dr. Nita Munshi, Director of the Department of Laboratories at Ruby Hall Clinic group

Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning- Know it All!

With tremendous progressions in the world of Information Technology, Data Science and Analytics; Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) have become some of the most common buzzwords in the industry. But what do these terms mean? Is there any difference between the three or are they linked? All of these questions may seem complicated at first, and there is a huge misconception related to them. Thanks to the rapidly


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