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I vs Society

Parental pressure, Career pressure, Peer pressure, Weight pressure, Date pressure, pressure to be thin and list are endless…Urban Youth feel pressured with enormous number of such factors. Thus the word stress chips in. Every other individual says I’m feeling stressed, it has become a day to day word of every urban family. Are we actually burdened with more we can handle? So how does one deal with it? “It’s all

Life kicksoff @SCIT

Golden words delivered by VP at Goldman Sachs, followed by a thrilling trekking session amidst heavy rains. Mafias with guns looming over you, priests reaching to hell! Radhas accompany them to the dance floor!! Confused? Am I talking about some new trailer of a bollywood movie or what?! This is just one month of my life @ SCIT. S-C-I-T these four alphabets, from outside, always exuberated excellence and a passport


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