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Lohri Celebration @ SCIT

With all the festivals being celebrated in the Campus, came the Punjabi fest, Lohri, and it bought with it an authenticate feel of the Punjab right at the campus. With tractor and bullets roaming around in the campus, who wouldn’t get the feel of Punjab ofcourse! As it comes with the retreating winter, many people believe it commemorates the passing of the winter solstice, and the proof of it can

Guest Lecture : “Giving Voice to Values”

Mr. Anant Nadkarni, who is an advisor and consultant at Chartered Institute for Management Accountants UK, along with Mr. Manish Deoghare, Supply Chain and Operations Consultant at BMC Software, visited SCITians, with an aim to have a discussion over the topic “Giving voice to values”. SCITians, who have been enthusiastic about opting for multi-tasking, also took part in the survey, with the help of Mr. Anant Nadkarni and Mr. Manish

Graffiti’17 – Theme Launch Event!

Graffiti, just as everyone knows has been the flagship event of SCIT, and the excitement to make it huge starts months before it is held. The unity in the batch can be easily seen as everyone competes to take the grandeur of the event a level higher than their seniors. The seniors who succeeded immensely at their endeavour, keep juniors motivated with their support. With only quarter of the effort

Female Cricket League – First EDI

SCIT students as are known for their risk taking behaviour, yet again jumped into something new to ears and vision! As we have been living in an era of equality, students came up with an idea of Female Cricket League, with ultimate feel of premier league right at the campus. The blend of premier league feel and women already attracted a lot of audience in the campus. It started with

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Made Simple

“Cloud Computing and Virtualization are the two buzzwords that sound confusing to many. In fact, most of those who claim that they don’t understand these terms are part of the majority that uses it daily “. With this Mr. Amit Chauhan initiated his talk for the session on Cloud Computing and Virtualization for MBA-ITBM students of batch 2016-18. Mr. Amit Chauhan is the senior manager of Research and Development department


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