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International Yoga Day Celebration at Symbiosis

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It is a 6000 year old legacy for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. In order to celebrate International Day of Yoga, Symbiosis International University organized a training and practice session by Ms. Sanjana Kotwal, on 21st June. Sanjana Kotwal also explained different breathing exercises, “Kapal bhati” that helps in digestion and also flushes out the carbon dioxide, “Shwas Patal” which controls

A Memorable day at Surya Shibir : 2017-19 batch

– Written by Shrita Karmokar Surya Shibir has always been an anticipated outing of SCIT to which everybody looks forward to since the time the schedule was released. It’s where new friendships and bonds were born. The first year batch of SCIT started their journey towards Surya Shibir early in the morning at 6.30 am on 5th June, 2017. The energy and the anticipation for a memorable day started sprouting

SCIT welcomes batch 2017-19 : Induction Day 3

Induction day 3 at SCIT started with the continuation to the introduction to specialization. The later part of the day was reserved for Alumni Interaction. The first specialization was for “Information Security Management”. A brief introduction by SCIT faculty, along with its application in the real world was given to students. It included the technical aspects, managerial aspects, legal, audits and forensics aspect of security. There were also discussion regarding

SCIT welcomes batch 2017-19 : Induction Day 2

The morning of the Induction Day 2 in pune was pretty pleasant after the light drizzle last night, along with students’ excitement. Around 9:30 AM, students reported to the college for the commencement. The first session was addressed by Deputy Director of SCIT, Prof Kanchan Patil. She gave us in-depth information regarding the academic curriculum of MBA-ITBM and MBA-DS&DA. She focused mainly on the university examination rules, pre-requisites for internationalization

Makar Sankranti @ SCIT!

“Makar Sankranti”, is a harvest festival in Karnataka as is the case in other parts of India. ‘Sankranti’ means ‘change of direction’ and it also marks the arrival of Spring Season. Just like all the festivals, this festival had also arrived in campus, and had brought with it an auspicious aura that scattered through each corner around the campus. With a traditional way of doing ‘Pooja’ first thing in the


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