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Guest Lecture on ‘Server Log Analysis’

SCIT Guest Lecture Committee invited National Investigation Agency’s consultant, Mr. Abhishek Kumar to brief us on ‘Server Log Analysis’. As we belong to SCIT-ITBM program, it was our prime concern to be aware of such cyber frauds occurring in the industry, and of the different ways to tackle it. One of the ways to trigger this problem is ‘Server Log Analysis’. Mr Abhishek Kumar, who currently works as a consultant

Green Magic Initiative

Human and humanity connect with each other as similarly as does the seed and the sapling. But do we require as many years to let our humanity out? Certainly, not. With these thoughts in mind, we were driven towards SCIT-ISR’s activity ‘Green Magic’. Just as magical a work as a word. We did take an initiative to make our campus, not just outdoors, but indoors, more green, more fresh, more

Tree Plantation Initiative at Aranyeshwar School

As we all know, each colour has got its own significance, like white for peace, yellow for energy, green for freshness and so on. But, what if green comes with ‘bottled in origin’ tag, that is, nature green. It would represent freshness that would be indescribable. To enjoy such freshness with some hard work, around 7-8 students from SCIT went to a school named, ‘Aranyeshwar English Medium School’ during a

Visit to Janaseva Foundation, Pune

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”- Abraham Lincoln We, the students of SCIT decided to undertake a small social initiative as a part of our ISR activity by organizing a visit to Janaseva foundation’s Old age home in Panshet, Pune on 6th of July. When we entered Janaseva foundation old age home, we met their manager who runs


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