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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration!

We embraced ‘Ganeshji’ in the campus on an auspicious festive celebration of “Ganesh Chaturthi”. This festival is said to be a major festival in Maharashtra and the feel of it around the campus made everyone feel the same. Arrangements gave all the non-localities students a whole new experience about how it’s celebrated in Maharashtra. Localities made sure to be very welcoming on their part and non-localities made sure to be

Tree Donation Initiative

On 13th August, 2016, SCIT-ISR group members went to a school to donate a few of plants and trees that students planted to support environmental health benefits inside the campus. The reason behind donation was made as SCIT-ISR team members got to know about the need of a few institutions to provide their students healthy and fit environment. All the students who were a big part of Green Magic initiative taken

Day 11- Independence Cup

After a whole tournament played by students, finally a day came for all the finales. With half of the students injured while playing tournament, the finale seemed to be a challenge for students. But what we saw on the ground, was complete contradiction. Students came not only with their sportswear on, but with sportsmanship. They were as excited about finale as about a fact that tournament came to an end.,

Day – 5 Independence Cup

Day 5 of Independence Cup had six matches on the ground and simultaneously 8 Chess matches as well. The day started with Cricket between Senior Div B Vs Junior Div A Seniors defeated juniors. Lined up next were two very exciting Girls Cricket matches, the first one had Div A Seniors playing against Div D Juniors. There was great coordination in both the teams and the match had the audience

Guest Lecture on Gender Sensitization

We all are aware that women safety is one big move taken into consideration by most nations. Though why only women, men too are and should be an equal part of it. Gender equality isn’t only about women, but men too. To acknowledge us more on the subject, SCIT welcomed Ms. Renuka Mukadam, a consultant at SATHI-CEHAT , and Ms. Semanti Choudhury, an assistant professor at Symbiosis Law School. The


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