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Guest Lecture on Soft Skills

SCIT organized a guest lecture on “Importance of Soft Skills” for the first year students of ITBM and DSDA. Capt. Nitin Joshi (Retd.) proprietor of Wisdom Mind having lots of experience in the armed forces took an interactive session on soft skills as powerful means of communication. He explained that words conveyed 7 to 10 % of our thoughts, whereas body language takes the maximum space in communication. He also

Session on Gender Sensitization

Gender equality has been a pressing concern across all the nations. It is necessary to educate the young generation that the gender-based stereotype mentality of certain parts of the society is changing in the corporate world. The students of SCIT 17-19 batch were part of a lecture conducted by Ms. Renuka Mukadam, a consultant at SATHI-CEHAT. She is an external member on the Internal Complaints Committee of various Government and private organizations


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