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TEDxSIHUHinjewadi Videos

Here Comes the VIdeos of the most awaited event TEDxSIUHinjewadi. The event which kept u all motivaTED and thus left a Lasting Impression on the Audience.   1) Anniruddha Bahal-   The Power of Investigations The talk is all about the importance of sting operations in a country like India.   2) Harpreet Singh Grover – Youth Employment in India The talk gives a clear picture about the youth employment in our

Snap Test Structure

The Symbiosis SNAP Test is the common written test conducted by Symbiosis International University. Now since the registrations for SNAP test are over, it is time to lit the midnight lamp and prepare well to crack the exam. For this, you should be updated with the test structure of Symbiosis SNAP test 2015, which is as follows: • SNAP Test duration is of 120 minutes • Date: 21st December, 2014; Time:

Parallel Universe to a Layman

Parallel universe and theories surrounding it have always been puzzling scientists. The concept of vastness of universe, theories of its origin and what  might lead to its crunch have been the hottest topics of discussions since Einstein’s era. Students of science like myself, and i am pretty sure many others too, have found it difficult to understand these theories. Let us make an attempt to get a feel of the


The World Health Organization describes substance abuse as, “The harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs.” Initially people especially youngsters try to use drugs just for the sake of an experience. Unfortunately, don’t realize they are addicted until it is too late. Once addicted, the drug user will continue to use drugs even though it can cause great harm. The National Institute on Drug Abuse


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