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A skit was organized on 25th of July, 2017 here, in SCIT campus by the SCHC (Symbiosis Center for Health Care) students. Symbiosis is all set to organize a Blood Donation Drive (BDD) on 31st July 2017, on the occasion of International Students Day. They performed a skit related to the same. Through their spectacular performance, they brought into light, the ignorance of today’s youth. The performers enacted a few

A day out with nature!!!

The first ISR committee activity was conducted on 3rd Sunday of July i.e. 16/07/2017. The “Tree plantation drive” in Aundh. It made us a little more responsible towards mother earth. A little more aware.  A little more connected. We started off at 10:30 am by bus. After reaching the destination, we were joined by more people working for NGO’s and other colleges. We were then instructed by Mr. Abhishek, the


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