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The awaited oldage home visit was conducted by SCIT on 30th August 30, 2017. The students visited MADHUR BHAV, an oldage home in Pimple Nilakh. The students seemed really excited to spend some quality time with the elderly. The seniors were brightened up to see the students and welcomed them with warm heart and smiles. Students introduced themselves to the elderly and then, there was a musical session where everyone

Independence Cup 2017 : Day 11/12

The Indoors of the Independence Cup kicked off on 22nd Aug 2017. This time, it was Table Tennis and the brain game, Chess. The SCITians proved that they are no less fans of indoors. The day started with many one-on-one’s. Chess and TT took place simultaneously. In Chess, the finalists from the 1st round competed against each other in the 2nd round and so on. The Queen in the Girls’


“An educated, is comparatively more accountable for taking care of his society than an illiterate” The IDMP WORKSHOP (integrated disaster management programme) started off with great enthusiasm in SCIT on 16th of August 17, 2017, 9:30 AM. SCIT’ians got a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to interact with the personalities having diverse range of experience over a long period of time in the field of Disaster Management. The faculties, who

Independence Cup 2017 : Day 6

As its said – “Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.” This craving to be a champion is the driving force behind all our teams and players. Giving a tough time to the opposing team, in itself, is laudable. Day 6 of the INDEPENDENCE CUP was pretty engaging for the students as 6 matches were lined up one after other. The crowd seemed elated since the beginning of these

Day3: The Independence Cup

The third day of the Independence Cup started off with amazing amount of zeal and vigor. The crowd assembled around the sports arena by 6:15, all set to cheer up their respective teams. The first match started off at 6:30pm sharp amidst the thrilling crowd. It was the first Cricket match where both the teams were Juniors. The match was between DSDA Juniors and Division D juniors. Division D juniors


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