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“Integrity and Ethics Conference’17”

“Profit making is the secondary goal of business, the first one has always been the values.” The 3rd “Integrity and Ethics Conference”, 2017 was organized in SCIT on November 11th, 2017. The sole idea of the conference was to make sure that the budding entrepreneurs and Captains here, at SCIT, not only focus on tangible aspects of business, but intangible as well.  The theme of the conference was – “Corporate

The Toastmasters’ Meet!!

SCIT’s Toastmasters’ Club organized its first meet on 16th November, 2017. The guests were Mr. Phani Vijay and Ramya from Barclays and Ms. Komal Jain from Accenture. The meet began with the introduction of the judges as well as the participants. There were prepared as well as unprepared speeches by the club members. There were judges who judged the speakers on the basis of grammatical errors made, the number of

Data Mining

A Guest Lecture was organized in SCIT by Cummins Inc. on 4th October, 2017. Prominent industry experts were present in the panel, who work as a part of the Global Analytics Center in Cummins. The speakers were Ms. Niranjana, Mr. Sumit, Mr. Rohit, Mr. Rohit Pandey and Mr. Abhishek Nair. The discussion was initiated with an introduction of Cummins Inc. – what they manufacture and what the scope of the

VoxE – SproutIT 2017

One of the most celebrated events of SCIT was witnessed by the students of SCIT as well as many other colleges. Of course, it is none other than the SproutIT by iTELF. Months of preparations for this single day didn’t go in vain. The campus of SCIT was decorated in the best possible way. Anyone who entered the college was awestruck by the aura of the campus. The event kicked


SCIT was graced, yet again, by the presence of another brilliant Guest lecturer, Mr. Sunil Bakshi. Mr. Bakshi, from NIBM, took a session for “Information Risk Assessment – Industry Perspective” on 26th August, 2017.  He made the students aware about how, risk is managed in real life scenarios in the industry. Various terms relate to risk, i.e. Risk Tolerance, Risk Capacity, Risk owner etc. were introduced in the class. Mr.


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