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Consulting solutions for RFP’s

SCIT witnessed a knowledge session by the esteemed director of Symbiosis Centre for Alumni Engagement, Dr. Neelesh Khumbojkar on August 29th, 2018. Dr. Neelesh is the Competency Head for cloud practice at the giant, Tech Mahindra. Along with him, Mr. Anil Rahate, Senior Consulting Manager, Wipro Ltd., took the second half of the lecture. Dr. Khumbojkar focused on the importance of adopting a proactive, rather than a reactive approach for

Road Safety to your rescue

SCIT not only makes sure to produce excellent techno-managers but also responsible citizens. A guest lecture regarding road safety was organized on 21st February, 2017 as a part of CHEP(Certified Healthcare Emergency Professionals) lectures. Dr. Satish Tembe was the speaker for the day. He presented a couple of statistics related to road accidents in India. These were an eye opener for the students. Mr. Tembe mentioned that India is a

Graffiti – The name says it all!!

The countdown finally ended! The most awaiting event of the year, Graffiti ’18 marked its presence in SIC. It has been a tradition here, at SCIT, to celebrate Graffiti as our own festival and dedicate ourselves to the fullest for making it mightier, every other time. The theme for this year was Innovenze, which is a combination of two words – Innovation and Convergence. The 2-day event was packed with

Thalassemia – Get Tested!!

ISR committee of SCIT, once again, did a splendid job by organizing another enlightening guest lecture. The lecture was scheduled on 10th January, 2018. The esteemed guest for the day was Mr. Vinay Shetty, Former Vice President, Think Foundation. Mr Shetty is a dedicated individual whose mission is to give back to the society. He conveyed to the students that around 1 lack children in India are Thalassemia major. He

The Lionesses’s cup

The customary and legendary Female Cricket League 2.0 was back with a bang. FCL kicked off in SCIT on 20th November this year. Students were all teamed up for the same. Let’s get introduced with the vibrant teams of this year – The Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and the Gujrat Lions. Massive crowd surrounded the sports arena every evening to witness the victories of the sportswomen. The matches were


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