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Hello mumbai

Packed the luggage..All set for mumbai…so excited!!! Its 9am in the morning… went to Hinjewadi bus stop, waited for 1 hour all buses are full on top of that raining heavily. Finally got a bus seats..stood in bus for 1 hour till people got down at lonavala and enjoyed the beautiful nature of lonavala through windows. Finally reached at 2.30 pm and started to Vashi from Airoli by local

Think Before You Give

An old man with stumps for arms holds a tiny metal bowl in front of you, imploring you to drop a rupee coin inside. A kid holds your dress and follows you, till you give some money to him. We give money to them due to many reasons When faced with the pleading eyes of a child, the brittle, outstretched fingers of an old man, it’s incredibly hard to say


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