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IT and Manufacturing – are they converging?

The Guest lecture by Mr. Sarang Ohol was a mixed bag of learning in terms of domain knowledge in manufacturing, management, marketing and supply chain. Witty and dynamic in his speech and approach, it didn’t surprise us to know that the young speaker standing in front of us is the General Manager of Vision Group of Industries, Mumbai. Mr. Sarang grabbed the attention of students by sharing interesting stories from

Rules on Roads do Matter

General Quotes like “Drive Safely”, “Avoid Drunk and Drive” do not effectively capture the minds of thousand people driving on the road. It is for this reason that it is important to reinforce safety rules, regulations and awareness among the public and the youth in particular. In an environment like school and college, the factor of enthusiasm and carelessness emboldens youth to not pay heed to safety rules thereby leading

It’s in your Hands – Our mantra to succeed

Hi A flamboyant beginning embarked my journey at SCIT with a simple but powerful mantra “It’s in your hands” that the SCIT 2013-15 batch would forever remember. The induction ceremony for the 2013-15 MBA-ITBM batch was kick-started by our Director –SCIT Dr.Raman addressing the young and high-spirited new students.  When Dr.Raman was called to address the gathering, I was quite frankly expecting rhetoric on discipline, attendance and so on. But


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