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Looking for Jobs – Why not create one?

SCIT SproutIT organised PULSE-Panel Discussion, an initiative to nurture future entrepreneurs. Our chief guest Mr. Prasant Pansare introduced the new market to us. This market profiles, monitors and watch us every minute. They study us so very well. Everything that we do or we want, they know it. You must be wondering how this is possible. They use Link analysis-Predictive analysis. The very next question that comes in our mind

Shubh Ganesh Chaturthi !!

The auspicious sunrise of 29th homecoming. We welcomed Him into a beautifully decorated hall laden with fragrant flowers. Colourful and vibrant rangolis were complimenting the aroma. The holy invocation of Lord Ganesha marked the beginning of our day. The evening was ornamented with a series of performances. A group of girls dressed in Indian attire inaugurated the function with a classical dance performance. It was followed by a play presented by ‘Eklavya’. The play attempted

Accenture Digital Big Data Analytics Session at SCIT

What is so BIG about Big Data? The same question was there in my mind until I attended the very informative session arranged by the placement cell of SCIT, where we invited Mrs Madhu Jagadish, Sr. Manager, Business Analyst, Accenture India. Starting from the very basic day to day data handling of Facebook or Whatsapp, she quoted it beautifully to much useful stuff that the organisation uses to run their

First day of the new begining!!! :)

Hi guys!! Today I am going to test my writing skills for the very first time and that too with most probably the best thing which has happened in my life. i.e. SCIT. So, please forgive me if you find something wrong. Hmm… Following about 15 months of preparation, essays, school visits, interviews, nervous hours waiting on acceptance notification, down-time, and a whirlwind orientation, I finally got down to business.


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