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Current Job Scenario in IT/Tech Industry

On the back of evolving technology and increasing automation, the nature of traditional IT jobs and roles are constantly progressing leading to a rich business outlook. In the Manifestation of this prospect, we had a Guest lecture titled ‘Current Job Scenario in IT/Tech Industry’ in December 2021. The session was hosted by the zealous Akshay Badgujar, who comes with a prodigious 10 years of expertise in Business Analysis. Six happening

Cloud Security

In December we had a charming session on Cloud Security to beat the Monday blues. It was spearheaded by Mr. Manas Pradhan. Manas is a proven technical leader with 15 years of experience applying technology to drive businesses.The session started rolling on when Manas emphasized that cloud security is a shared responsibility of both Cloud Provider and Customer. He explained Cloud Security with 4 Scenarios. In the first scenario, he

The Future of Business Execution

In October we witnessed yet another illustrious collaboration of SCIT and Celonis with whom we have indulged in mutually value-adding initiatives. This session was on ‘The Future of Business Execution’ by Miss. Ngoc Anh Ngo. Anh the academic alliance manager at Celonis, World’s largest EMS software developing company. She is an MEd graduate in Political science and Economics from the University of Mannheim. She had an exchange program at the

How to be Creative On-demand

The All-time happening topic ‘How to be Creative on-demand was organized in September 2021 as a part of E-Talk. The Speaker of the topic was the supercool Mr. Mukesh Gupta the Director, Customer Advocacy at SAP who advised students to take things on a lighter note and enjoy them.This turned out to be one powerhouse of a session filled with short excerpts from movies, flooding messages in the chatbox, and

Babysteps into MBA

MBA has become a Great Indian Obsession after Cricket and Engineering. From giving a series of entrance exams, clearing cut-offs, cracking interviews, moving up the waiting list and finally securing a seat, oh boy! this is such an eventful journey!My sincere apologies if you think that the destination has arrived. This is just the tip of the iceberg. First, you will be like a Stranger to the Etiquettes being upheld

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