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Technology Risk and Audit

The exciting E-talk on the topic “Technology Risk and Audit” was organized on 20th March 31, 2021, and the speaker for the lecture was Ms. Nidhi Shetty, a Senior Manager at Morgan Stanley. The motive of the lecture was to elevate the knowledge of Technology Risk and Audit among students, also to give corporate exposure through scenarios related to Risk and Audit. Speaker began the session with certain objectives i.e.

Preparation Tips for Management Consulting Roles

First month of the year 2021 ended with the exciting online Guest Lecture on 30th January. The topic for the lecture was “Preparation Tips for Management Consulting Roles”, and the speaker for the lecture was Ms. Dhairya Gangwani, a Management Consultant Analyst at KPMG India (SAP). The ultimate goal of the lecture was to give exposure to students about the roadmap of how to get into the management consulting roles

Integrity and Ethics Conclave 2020

‘Sinless Cipher – Collaboration for Better Surveillance’ The amazing and exciting event- Integrity and Ethics Conclave 2020, was organized on 28th November. The theme of this event was Sinless Cipher – Collaboration for Better Surveillance on Digital Cooperation. The session enthralled with five speakers- Mr. Chandra Kumar– Digital Consulting Leader at Cognizant on the topic “Digital co-operation”, Mr. Osama Manzar– Founder-Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation on the topic “Digital Inclusion”, Mr.

Effective Career Management for Women

Online Guest Lecture of 27th September organized was something extraordinary. The speaker of the lecture was Mrs. Archana Venkat, Director and Head of Marketing- Financial Advisory Services at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India. She has 14 years of work experience and the last six years have been in leadership roles. She is among 23% of women working in the formal workforce in India and also among the 7% of women who


The most awaited event “SPROUT IT” conducted on 26th September 2020, the flagship event at SCIT to rejuvenate the spirit of entrepreneurship & leadership among the students. A platform for anyone whoever has the passion to embark any difference and ought to do something for society. The theme for this year was- “Square-One-Vantage: Unfolding the Entrepreneurial Mindset“. Theme Square-One-Vantage, an event designed for everyone with magnitude to navigate students to


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