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Ensembles and Kaggle

The students were fortunate to attain yet another e-GL by incredibly talented Mr Saurabh Shahane on “Ensembles and Kaggle” on 6th March 2021. Mr Saurabh Shahane is a Data Scientist at CKM Sports Management Ltd, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is also working as a Deep Learning mentor at Technocolabs, Mumbai. He has recently become the Kaggle Notebook Master as he is the epitome of knowledge regarding Machine Learning, Deep

Visual Thinking at work and Data Visualization

First e-GL lecture of the year 2021, was delivered by incredibly talented Mr Piyuesh Modi on “Visual Thinking at work and Data Visualization” on 27th January 2021. Piyuesh Modi is a Visual Storyteller and a Webinar Marketer living in The Netherlands (originally from India). He has trained corporate professionals from countries like the Netherlands, France, India, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, China, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Austria, Italy. Some of the

Artificial Intelligence for Text Analytics

Mr Avneet Singh addressed the students on the topic of ‘ Artificial Intelligence for Text Analytics ‘ and began his lecture by introducing the how the domain of Artificial intelligence applied for text analytics and its contributing features such as natural language translation, strategies, as a part of e- GL series on 11th November 2020. Mr Avneet Singhis is a 2012 pass out from Chitkara University in B.E (CSE with

Launch your career in Data Science

As the e-GL series continues evolving, the students experienced another wonderful session on the topic ‘Launch your career in Data Science’ on 28th October 2020 addressed by Miss Dnyanada Arjunwadkar. She has completed her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering, from the State University of New York, Buffalo. She began her career as a Data Scientist at Veritas Technologies, California, where she worked for almost two years and is currently

Machine Learning and Industry Usage

As the series of guest lecturers are proceeding enthusiastically, the students had an opportunity to attend another interactive and most awaited lecture on the topic of “Machine Learning and Industry Usage” by Mr Vikas Malhotra. He has completed his masters in management of information system from Texas A&M University, US. He is currently working as a full-time senior data scientist at Red Ventures and has a total work experience of


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