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Onam celebration at SIC!

This year’s Onam celebration, though slightly delayed, was held at SIC, with great vigor and enthusiasm. The Malayali community at SIC, which includes SCMHRD, SIIB and SCIT, came together to host a marvellous day of festivity for the entire faculty and student fraternity of all the 3 sister colleges. The event revolved around a traditional Kerala feast – a Sadya – served on a plantain leaf. The food was served

Agile vs CMMi – A finer understanding

The Guest Lecture by Mr. Shrikant Chaphekar, Director – Allied Services, Axis Technical Group primarily revolved around the concepts of Agile and CMMi. Mr. Chaphekar started with reflecting on the students’ understanding on CMMi. The lecture was organised on 24th Aug, 2017, for the senior batch students. He emphasised on why is it a mandate in the current days, for organisations to have a CMMi accreditation. Over time, CMMi has


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