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Deep diving into IT Compliance

On the occasion of Teachers Day, 5th September 2020, an online guest lecture was scheduled for SCIT students. The speaker of the day was Mani Keerthi Nagothu, an information security professional, alumina of SCIT. The lecture was subject-oriented, focused on the IT Compliance part of information security. Unlike others, Ms. Mani began it with a series of few random pictures on her screen and asked everyone to see them. Later,

How to start your startup

If one looks around and observes carefully, one would find many ideas which can become the base for one ‘s business opportunities. Having an idea that can sell and working on it, is a different story, so to share the speaker’s journey of being an entrepreneur and to help others aspirants who want to enter in the entrepreneur world, a guest lecture as a part of e-talk guest lecture series

About Web and Media Team

The Web and Media Committee, is a core committee of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, and exemplifies the true definition of unity in diversity. The committee provides a platform to showcase the creative talent and passion that dwells on campus. It is rightly said that the efforts behind the scenes are what that makes any event worth watching and attending; and that’s the role Web and Media plays on campus.

Sports and Life Skills Program

A well-structured two- day program, enriched with sports activities was organized for students of SCIT batch 2019-21 at the Symbiosis International University Campus on 7th and 8th of November 2019 at Lavale. It was not just a physical drill; it was packaged with an underlining meaning to it. On day one, the morning started with the hustle and bustle of all the students gathering near buses around 7:30 am and


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