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Carbon Footprints “Save Our Mother Earth” Guest Lecture

On 28th August 2019, a Guest Lecture was conducted on one of the most vital topics that is Climate change and Carbon Footprint. Dr. Priydarshini Karve, CEO of Samuchit Enviro-Tech. She has worked in Rural Technological Institute and helped rural people in cooking with equipment that reduced the pollution associated with wood fires. She has also won many national and international awards for her contribution to society. The most recent

Cummins Guest Lecture

 On 21st August 2019 a Guest Lecture was held by Mr. Sameer Samudra, currently working as Director, Customer Support Excellence at Cummins, India and has been working with Cummins for 19 years. This guest lecture, unlike others, was special in its own way as Mr. Samudra described how Diversity and Inclusion is the pulse of any organization and also how it affects society. He also talked about authentic leadership. He

Salesforce Guest Lecture

A Guest lecture held by Mr. Sudhanshu Jain, trainer and coach for Salesforce Admin, Salesforce development and Neuro-linguistic programming. It was conducted on 26th August, 2019 and was attended by the batch of 2018-2020. Mr. Sudhanshu gave a brief introduction to Salesforce which included the topics like why Salesforce is used, how easy it is to use Salesforce and also talked about the popularity of it. He explained the intricacies

Go Green Ganesha Workshop

Today, we are in the age where going greener is appreciable for the health of our planet. Go Green Ganesha workshop was organized on 24th August 2019 at SIC to share the knowledge and art of moulding Lord Ganesha idol in an eco-friendly manner. The chief instructor was Mrs. Mrunalini Patil mam who guided students with the entire process of moulding idol of Lord Ganesha. The other instructors were Mrs.

Self Defence Workshop

It is rightly said “Self-Defence is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending”, to this end self-defence session was organized on 14th of August in order to help the students understand the various nuances and techniques that will surely come to their aid if the situations calls for it. The session served meant to educate


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