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Rise of Data Science and Analytics in Industry- Guest Lecture

A guest lecture was organized on 28th September on the topic “Rise of Data Science and Analytics in Industry”. The speaker of the day was Mr. Sandeep Gupta who is a Senior Manager at Cognizant.  The lecture began with Mr. Sandeep first talking about how data science is used and the different steps that are followed to build a model before it can be carried over to the next step

Garba Night- A Celebration to Remember

Navaratri is celebrated in honour of goddess Durga who is a representation of Shakti (power). The festival celebrates femininity in all its forms.  These nine days are celebrated differently in different parts of the country. Navaratri is also known as Durga Puja in West Bengal. People over there; especially women play with colors. On the tenth day of the festival, the concluding ceremony is done. During these nine days, devotees

Business Intelligence -“Data is the New Oil”  Guest Lecture

On 7th Sept. 2019, Mr. Shrikrishna Tirodkar visited to campus and enlightened us about the need and importance of Business Intelligence. He is the Vice-President Specialist Business Analysis of BNY Mellon Tech at BNY Mellon.   He gave the students an overview of various technologies and tool in Business Intelligence. He explained about data and its types He mentioned the sources through which data is collected.He stressed on the importance

DSDA Industrial Visit

The Data Science and Data Analytics batch had an industrial visit scheduled for them on 31st August. This visit was held by Mr. Ashutosh Khandkar for the subject of Manufacturing & Logistics. After being well versed with the theory during the lectures, the students were asked to prepare a set of questions that they were supposed to ask the various Head of Departments in the companies.  The first industry experience

Carbon Footprints “Save Our Mother Earth” Guest Lecture

On 28th August 2019, a Guest Lecture was conducted on one of the most vital topics that is Climate change and Carbon Footprint. Dr. Priydarshini Karve, CEO of Samuchit Enviro-Tech. She has worked in Rural Technological Institute and helped rural people in cooking with equipment that reduced the pollution associated with wood fires. She has also won many national and international awards for her contribution to society. The most recent


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