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Initiate the Change, Be the Change!!

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology hosted its first ISR-Building Bridges-Summit for the year 2015, with a motive of providing a collaborative platform to different sectors such as educational institutions, corporates as well as social activity organizations, on 7th June, 2015. The summit aimed at bringing together the representatives from these sectors to share their experiences, aspirations and responsibilities. Like every auspicious occasion, the summit inaugurated with lightning of lamp. With

…And Football Began..!!!

…And Football Began..!!! With the advent of Independence Cup’ 2015, marked by an applaudable speech from Colonel Kadam, followed by cake-cutting and two thrilling and fascinating cricket matches, which were both won by senior teams. But this did not stop the juniors on challenging them in the upcoming football matches. One was played between Div-D Juniors Team vs. Div-C Seniors team, and the other between Div-C Juniors  team vs. Div-D

Induction Ceremony @ SCIT

There is a very famous saying by Walt Disney, “If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.” And perhaps getting into SCIT – a renowned college for pursuing MBA in Information Technology, with a tag of “Symbiosis”, had been a dream for most of the aspiring students, including me. On 5th June, 2015, which was a Friday, all the future managers were called along with their parents and guardians

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