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Economics of Emotions

Emotions are an asset. You need to invest them correctly, for them to grow and reap dividends in the long run. There are some that give quick gratification like speeding, doing dope, lust… And then there are others which take their share of time, like family, romance, and jobs. But, just like all investment plans, the ones that yield you quick results often come with some fine prints at the

Hypocrisy: An integral part of our lifestyle

It’s a sick world that we live in not just because of the heinous crimes against humanity that has become a staple but also because of the soulless, mindless individuals that make the herd. These days everyone has an opinion about rape and what should be done about the criminals; just like they had an opinion about Anna Hazare before this and MIG21s when Rang de Basanti released. We live

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