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Smoking – It Kills

I would like to explore the basic Question in my mind. Why do People Smoke. Of all the reasons that I hear people talk , the most common I  come across would be for the High that it gives you. Smoking  is in the form of Cigarettes, hukka and drugs like Ganja , Charas, Heroin etc.  Even though everyone knows the effects on the body , why do people smoke?

The Plight of Indian Women

The total women population of India is about 48% and female worker population is 31.6% of the total worker population in India. The literacy rate of women in India is only around 53.7%. Those are amazing figures, aren’t they? The big question – Is it just a camouflage? In India, we respect women a lot and also pray to them in many forms, be it Sita Maiyya, Mother Mary or


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