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The Great Indian Teledrama!

  “Yeh dharavaik  kalpanik hai, aur iska koi mrut ya jeevit vyakti se koi sambhand nahi hai” Yes, You guessed it right!   I am talking about the great Indian daily soaps – ones which our mothers and grand-moms are crazy about! May it be their pavitra rishta with it or their balika vadhu instinct, but they have a lots emotions and patience when it comes to watching  these tv programmes.

Quit Smoking!

“Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health”  Heard that a lot of times right? Does that really stop people? What prevents them from so? There is a curiosity and excitement in today’s youth to venture into new things.They all want to know what exactly this small thing offers, which makes many of their friends go crazy about it! They try it once to explore. Next time they do it because of peer


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