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Leadership Contingency

Dear All The famous leadership thinker Fiedler F E suggested that organizations need to have different types of leaders according to the situation the organization is in. if the organization  is doing good, and has a lots of customer base, no competition, and is cash rich etc… he suggests that the organization may  have a leader who is people centric. However in situations where the organization is sailing through crisis

Social Networks for Social movements

Social movements have from time immemorial used the social networking as a means to garner support. Whether it was the French revolution, the Black movement or the student and feminist movements or the  Naxalite movement of 1970s or the recent India Against Corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare, all used the social networking as a means to bring together population disconnected by space, race, religion, culture and gender. Here are

What is Facebook?

What is Facebook? A young girl feels that her world has come crashing when her friends shut her off from the Facebook. Nations come crashing when FAcebook coordinated the fight of the masses (Egypt). An unknown Wes Streeting of Cambridge University managed to bring the mighty HSBC to change its policy within weeks. The Anna Hazare movement got 10 lakhs online signatures within 36 hours from across the country. Kolavari

SSR a platform for creating Emotional and Ecological Intelligence

  SSR a means for creating Emotional and ecological intelligence SSR of SCIT is one of the most important initiatives in creating good corporate citizens of tomorrow.  Corporate India today is faced with one of the worst crisis of conscience with so many allegations and revelations of political corporate nexus in the so many scams plaguing India. Whether it is the 2G or the Colgate scams the corporate houses are

He is in a catch 22 situation….

He has an opinion on everything and everybody. He used to speak his mind out without really thinking about the consequences. His friends started telling him, ‘how could you say that?  She is hurt, you hit below his belt etc…” He realized (rather others made him realize) that he is creating unintended outcomes through his utterances.   One fine day he stopped talking. Then people began to murmur behind his back


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