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A Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Date: 10th September 2016 Venue: Assembly Hall Speaker: Mr. Amit Chauhan (Sr. Manager, R&D – EMC Corporation) SCIT batch 2016-18 was thankful to have Mr. Amit Chauhan as its guest speaker, who enlightened the students on the topic of Cloud Computingand Virtualization. Assistant Prof. Anuradha Goswami welcomed Mr. Amit by handing over a bouquet to him. Mr. Chauhan explained with more and more businesses opting for

Vijayadashmi/ Dusserah: A Travel Through the Memory Lane

Dusserah or Vijayadashami or Pooja (as we call at our parts of the country) has always been something I remember with lots of fondness. As children we used to long for these two days when no one would force us to study irrespective of the fact that I belonged to a Christian belief system which did not have this as part of its ritual. I never remember going to any

Prof. K. Subrahmanian of IEEE delivers a Guest Lecture on Cyber Security

Cyber Security , Cyber Frauds, Cyber Forensics : An Overview On 27th September 2016 we had a special guest; The vice Chair of the IEEE Prof. K. Subramanian. His session on started with an introduction on the topic “Cyber Security, Cyber Frauds & Cyber Forensics” by Prof K. Subramanian. He is the Vice Chair of IEEE Delhi Section, Vice Chair of IEEE Education Society, IEEE EMS, IEEE CS (Delhi Section).

Integrity and Ethics Conference 2015 at SCIT

Business ethics have become increasingly important in the past several decades. We have witnessed how one wrong incident can completely overturn the fortunes of extremely educated and skilled professionals, seasoned businessmen and even established multinationals. There is a need today to internalize certain basic values that can guide individuals to do the right thing even when no one is looking. The second edition of the Integrity and Ethics conference was

Dontopedalogy: The art of putting one’s foot into one’s mouth !!

Dear All A few years ago the much famed/maligned Shashi Tharoor infamously commented on the Indian Railways as ‘cattle class’ thereby antagonizing a large section of Indians. Then he went on to create a foreign relations blunder when he made a comment on bringing in Saudi Arabia as an ‘interlocutor’ to deal with the terrorist activities from across the borders. He lost his job as minister of external affairs. Recently


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