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Everyone loves Google ?

Everyone loves Google. It gives us everything. We google for information. We google for things to purchase.We google for free software’s. Google movie maker help us to create our own videos. Lawyers cannot do without it. Business is driven by it. Google assist scholars, teachers and researchers.   Companies google to find the right candidates.Google’s latest initiative would bring about 20 million Indian small business online. They expand through various kinds

Nationalism: a positive assertion of a dominant value system or a reflection of a society’s loss of power?

As the world grows closer together cultures collide to create multicultural pluralistic societies. When this happen there is a felt need to protect one’s own cultures. In this cultural pluralism little cultures tend to get absorbed in to the bigger ones. You are exposed to larger than life, alien cultures which that seems to penetrate into all aspect of your life. It includes your religious beliefs, eating habits,  dressing styles,

Col. Prabir Sengupta (Vishsita Seva Medal) at SCIT

Col. Prabir Sengupta (VSM) retired from the Indian army and armed with a diploma in Management from IIM B joined Satyam Computers as GM HR. After the Satyam Debacle he became a freelance motivational speaker and management consultant. Today he has taken upon himself the mission of spreading positive feelings for the country. An ardent patriot with no political affiliation Col Sengupta goes around motivating the youth of the country

Giving Voice To values

Mr. Anant Nadkarni and Mr. Manish Deogare two ardent supporters of sustainable business practices talked to the students and faculty members of SCIT on their mission to map the Value system among the MSME sector in India and invited every one to be a part of this project through a learning lab concept. Manish after working in the IT industry for over 20 years at various capacities and recently took

A General Manager from RBI talks on the need for ethics

Code Of Ethics On 26 Nov,2016 Mr. Anuj Ranjan a General Manager at RBI and also Executive Assistant to Deputy Governor RBI, Mumbai delivered a lecture to the students at SCIT on Ethics. He is a certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers with 17 years of experience in the financial sector. The agenda of the lecture was to give a brief introduction to the students about the importance of Ethics in their lives


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