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Is he GONE?

Is he GONE? Walking on the marble floor, Climbing the steps towards the podium, Darkness evolved, Heart felt heavy, Only question my conscience asked me Was he really gone? How can I forget that day? The day when ominous bank of dark clouds Covered the air, terror was seen in every eye The day, media proclaimed as BLACK FRIDAY The day I lost him and my conscience asked me Was

Up with Hope, Down with Dope

Up with Hope, down with dope. You always want to know how it feels when you are down with dope, “Stoned”! The curiosity of what doing drugs feels like. Similar thoughts were running through my mind when I had read Karan Bajaj’s – Keep off the grass. An excerpt from the book – Keep Off The Grass is about a brilliant 25 year old Non Resident Indian (NRI), who is

Life now @ SCIT

Hmmm……… I stared at the blank screen to key in my thoughts and like a compulsive disorder the strong urge to check Facebook for one last time arose. While I was at it, I came across a video of my role model Sachin Tendulkar. In the video, he says – “Keep following the right path and chase your dreams as there are no shortcuts in life.” Well with the heights


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