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The Pop corn debate

The Pop corn debate (This blog was co-created by senior students Srushti, Jaskirat, Shravankumar together with Prof. Saravan) This week, Students of Globalization participated in a debate on the subject of economic development. The source of our debate was an old documentary with an example on the farmers of Punjab. There were multiple problems ailing their farming sector, chief among them being the unfair profit sharing method. A farmer asks:

Right Learning – A Matter of Opinion?

Thanks to final semester students Ankita Mehdiratta and Tarique Ansari. They helped to co-create this blog. Students of final semester MBA ITBM, batch of 2012-14, engaged in a variety of learning experiences, to understand globalization issues. Some of the students engaged themselves in observing different sections of society to learn about their difficulties. One of the groups worked with a local street vendor, a chai shop owned and operated by

Compassion for oneself, compassion for all.

Compassion for oneself, compassion for all. The true nature of human beings is to be compassionate. Other aberrations simply happen later. The multiple aspects of intellect, talent, efforts of daily work – all come from this. If this sounds a little too much to be true or too vague, then you have not yet been to the MRA program of Symbiosis. If you have been to the MRA program, you

East and West

I was a part of learning group recently, and the tea break turned into a brisk discussion about research work. Many comments poured forth, admiring research ethics of western world. So our learning group pondered whether the western mindset is more adept at conducting research work? Is it possible that professional integrity, in this sphere of work, may not be widespread in India? The western mindset seems willing to discuss

Social Awkwardness – Perceiving Oneself

  Dear All Many thanks to Prof. Shaji @ SCIT – an interesting debate with him, lead us towards this topic. What happens when you had said something and later regretted saying it, out of concern of not hurting somebody? What happens when you sense your own anxiety when you are amongst a group of peers? Do you often feel tongue-tied or you don’t know the appropriate response? What happens


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