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Is Life Really A TRADE-OFF ?

It was just about a month back when we entered into the MBA College and attended the first Economics lecture, we were beautifully told that Everything is Economics…”Life is a trade-off..” At first I took it casually. But when I gave it a second thought, I realized that somewhere life can be explained by the very first Principle of Economics-The TRADE-OFFs. To lead a life, you must make choices and

Innocence Lost Under the shadow of Drugs

Before writing this blog I was honestly not aware of what the youth of our country is currently exposed to. I am shocked to see the dense cloud of addiction hovering over the innocent children and adolescents-The Cloud of Drugs. The addiction which is spreading like fire, has targeted the future of our country in a big way. In India, an NGO survey revealed that, the incidence of drug abuse


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