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Gaming Outsourced

  Computer gaming has reached new levels with rapid innovations in the IT field. Gaming industry is constantly evolving and expanding at 9.1% annually to $48.9 billion in 2011 and $68 billion in 2012, making it a fastest-growing component of the international media sector. The games are also evolving and becoming more and more interactive and people centric. Rise of social networking and mobile apps  has only provided a boost

Fighting the ‘Hydra’ of Modern Era

Wanted to Blog.. and hence comes this blog! 🙂 DRUGS are like the mythical creature ‘Hydra’, who possessed many heads and was a bane to humanity. They (drugs) have been a constant source of misery to many. It affects an individual on many levels like personal, social, financial and legal. It also affects the society and the country as it promotes organized crime syndicate to emerge which in turn increases


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