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A ‘Laugh’ for you may be a ‘Cry’ for him.

Leontine Young has quoted, “The smaller the person, the less we worry about his dignity… Children have a great sense of their own dignity. They couldn’t define what it is but they know when it has been violated.” This quote speaks tons about what a child feels when he has been bullied or violated. We, as adults, tend to forget how tender their heart is, how vulnerable children are to

Yes I am Sachin’s fan !

The same feeling… Always and every time… Sweaty palms, dry throat, excitement, anxiousness, pressure… That is how a billion of us feel when the small Big man comes out… The Little Master… Bat tucked under his arm, the helmet bearing India’s flag resembling the crown of a king or a God, those peculiar buckled pads, wearing those gloves which hold that divine bat, he walks down the steps of the


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