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Designing Large Scale Intelligent Video Analytics

On 28th August 2021, there was a Guest Lecture on the topic: ‘Designing Large Scale Intelligent Video Analytics.’ The speaker was Dr. Pallab Maji, Senior Solutions Architect(Deep Learning) at NVIDIA and an AI/ML enthusiast from Bengaluru. He has worked with companies like Wipro and Mercedes Benz.Safe and smart cities are being implemented by Singapore, New York, San Francisco etc. and the initiative of smart city is being taken by our

TEDx SIUHinjewadi 7th edition

The much awaited TEDx SIUHinjewadi 2021 event commenced in an online mode on 17th April, 2021. This time there were 5 speakers and 3 performers. The first speaker was Asmita Marwa, an Indian fashion designer. She inspired everyone to be the best version of themselves. She is rated by Vogue as one of the top nine international designers. Drawn by the mysteries of the human mind she graduated in psychology

Corporate Charcha: Data protection and privacy in the new virtual networking era

On 10th April 2021, there was a panel discussion initiated by the ITBM Guest Lecture committee with Dr. Shaji Joseph as a faculty mentor. The theme revolved around data protection and privacy. Millions of personal data records are regularly exposed in data breaches, which criminals use to commit fraud or identity theft. The first panelist was Mr Vishal Kalro, currently associated with Adobe as the Global Head of Technology and

Dattansh ‘21

On 20th March there was the annual conclave of the Guest lecture committee namely Dattansh ’21. The theme this year was ‘Data Odyssey: Voyage through Data,’ which revolved around Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The event had 5 expert speakers out of which there was a keynote speaker, with two technical speakers and two start-up speakers. The event started with director Dr. Dhanya Pramod who inaugurated and narrated how the

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Over the last decade, Business Intelligence has been consistently listed amongst the top technology projects for organisations. On 14th February, 2021 there was an e- GL by speaker Rupali Garg working as an application engineer at Oracle. She explained the importance of BI and analytics for enterprises of all sizes. Business intelligence is the processes, technologies, and tools that helps change data into insights. Data is raw value elements for


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