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Dattansh ‘21

On 20th March there was the annual conclave of the Guest lecture committee namely Dattansh ’21. The theme this year was ‘Data Odyssey: Voyage through Data,’ which revolved around Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The event had 5 expert speakers out of which there was a keynote speaker, with two technical speakers and two start-up speakers. The event started with director Dr. Dhanya Pramod who inaugurated and narrated how the

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Over the last decade, Business Intelligence has been consistently listed amongst the top technology projects for organisations. On 14th February, 2021 there was an e- GL by speaker Rupali Garg working as an application engineer at Oracle. She explained the importance of BI and analytics for enterprises of all sizes. Business intelligence is the processes, technologies, and tools that helps change data into insights. Data is raw value elements for

Regression and Classification

On 30 November, 2020 there was an e-GL on the topic ‘Regression and Classification’ by Ms. Divya Chaurasia, working as a Consumer Insight Specialist at Google. She explained the working of supervised and unsupervised machine learning model with an example each. Supervised machine learning algorithm knows the desired output. Both Regression and Classification are a part of Supervised Machine Learning algorithm. The only difference is that Classification is for discrete

Analytics in credit risks and FinTech

On 12th December 2020, there was an e-GL on the topic ‘Analytics in credit risks and FinTech’ by Miss Shweta Agrawal working as a Staff Data Scientist at Twilio. She was working as a former Data Scientist at Ola company.The speaker started the discussion with Financial products classification where she explained pre-paid products and credit products lifecycle.Pre-paid products are usual service products customers pay money upfront to receive services. The

Storytelling and Analytics in the Industry

The speaker Sheshank Kumar, a lead strategist in Data Insights in Google, on 8th October spoke about ‘Storytelling and Analytics in the Industry’. He briefed on how analytics is a driver of each and every industry.He spoke about the important aspect of capturing the attention of the client through storytelling. Storytelling is important for the decision-makers to understand the most complex things in a simple way. It’s important to capture


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