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Say Yes to “LIFE” & No to “Alcohol”

  “First the man takes a drink; then the drink takes a drink; then the drink takes the man.”   Two days back I had gone home for the weekend. When I reached home, I saw rush crowd gathered in front my neighbors house. When I came to know the reason behind that I was shocked. Our neighbor who was in his 30’s died because of liver failure which caused

Rape:Was it “her” fault?

  Do you remember what happened on the night of 16 December 2012 in Delhi?. The incident which left the whole nation in utter shock. In which a girl was brutally gang raped by 6 men in bus throughout the city. The girl died, fighting for her life, because of the torture these monsters did with her. It happened… She suffered… She died… We all spoke for a few days…


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