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android vs iOS vs Windows vs Blackberry

The latest statistics reveal that BlackBerry remains the most popular smartphone platform in the country, followed by Android. Vodacom said that they currently have 3.1 million BlackBerry smartphones on their network, followed by Android with 1.2 million, and AppleiPhone at 600,000. Vodacom further said that they have 220,000 devices running a mobile Windows operating system. The following table shows the growth of smartphones platforms on the Vodacom network over the last two months.

Drug Abuse and Addiction

Michael Jackson- Heart-Throb and love of every dancer, Heath Ledger- Best Villain till now for me, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix,  Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison and other thousand of famous as well as normal people died due to intake of illegal drugs, combined drugs intoxication or Drugs abuse and addiction. Solely in America as per stats around 40000+ people died every year due to drugs intake or overdose. So what is


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