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Adios Seniors!!

It’s that time of the year when we have to say Goodbye and bid farewell to the ones with whom we have shared almost a year, learned so much and had so much fun. But Goodbyes are not always the end; they also signify a new beginning. We, SCIT Juniors would like to wish our super awesome Seniors all the success in their lives as they step into a new

GE-PI Experience Blogging Contest – Result!!

Hi! The much awaited Result of the GE-PI Experience Blogging Contest are here! A big Thank You to each and every one who participated and shared their experience of the D-Day with us. Also, thanks for the appreciation on the management of the Admissions Process. At SCIT we strive to do things in the best possible way and it is always nice to hear and read compliments 🙂 Also Thanks

Share your GE-PI experience with us!

Hi, Now that you are done with your GE-PI at SCIT, we give you a chance to share your experience with everyone. We give you a platform to write about what happened on the D-Day, how it was managed, how you felt etc. etc. All you have to do is Register on our Blog and start writing. Also, there are exciting prizes to be won!! Please keep in mind the

Ideas of Social Networking Management @SCIT – GREAT FUN!

One evening I was just pondering over the topic on which i want to write a blog.Couldnt think of any so just went on thinking for an hour and asked myself a question why blogging? What makes a blogger keep on going writing more and more? The answers could be many but the real thing is a blogger apart from improving ones vocab and communication skills end up attaining some

Learning the amazing ART OF LIVING at SCIT

Yes+ program at SCIT was an awesome experience for all of us. Yes+ is Youth Empowerment Seminar plus which is a part of The Art of Living program founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar.   On 1st day of Yes+, we had a nice conversation with Mr. Manish Nasa on the subject of Life, Work and Problems in routine life. Manish revealed some secrets about how to be joyful and blissful in

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