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To Batch 2012-14

                            A  Sonnet Young hearts aspiring to cross the knowledge’ s bar Admitted to citadel of learning they came from near and far. Some fresher ,some with ‘work-exp’ all face the academic drill Assignments, Quiz and Exams cause the midnight oil to spill. Enthusiasm’s outburst seen in the flood-light gaiety The court yard a cauldron of resplendent

“Big Data”- some Infrastructural Issues

Perhaps formally a precise definition of “big data” has not yet evolved. Nevertheless, the problem of managing the big data has been faced for some time now by the CIOs and the managers of large datacenters. Earlier the high volume transactions (Airlines, Banks, Financials, etc, ) demanded more of processing speed and the resulting updates did not expand the size of the database or storage in an unmanageable velocity. The term big

BYOD- a new issue in IT

What is BYOD ?  Decades back on the shop floor a cryptic jargon BYOD was in vogue, it said  “bring your own dinner” .This was meant to tease the employee , particularly in the night shifts, who had nothing to supplement their hunger. Amazingly this cliché BYOD has come back in the IT sector with a new flavor, Bring Your Own Device . As the workspace crunch and flexi-timings are


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