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A tryst with nature and me (MRA Experience)

Twelve subjects.  About seven projects. Seven different project groups. Tight schedules .Even tighter deadlines. I was frustrated, irritated and in panic mode already well into the second week of my second semester. Besides this, a trip to Panchgani for MRA (Moral Re-Armament Camp) was planned out for us in the last week of the month. With all these worries I set off on our journey to MRA thinking that it

My First Day at SCIT

Life has a very strange and smart way of going about things and revealing her plans. She definitely knows when to pull you out of the comfort zone and put you in tough situations to grow. She definitely knows when you are stagnating in one place and knows when it is time to pull you out of it. Well, she definitely knew it was time for me to move out


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