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Smokinnnn ..!!

Smokinnnn !! After smart and hard ┬ápreparation, consistently for 8 months and 26 days precisely, the day came for GE/PI in Symbiosis Infotech Campus. The fruit was so delicious that it filled my heart with anxiety and ecstasy as the dream comes true – The Dream Of Doing MBA From Symbiosisssss.. waaooww..!! The first day I, entered the campus and went ahead with new friends to have a look of


D RAP STAR..!! MBA from Symbiosisssss..!! aww.. It’s a long journey that I traversed to reach here and attain the gratitude and honor of being an SCITian. This is not my personal story, there exist similar stories of yet 185 students who worked day and night to get the Student Identity Card of this college. It is like a dream coming true which is backed by the mentoring by thousands

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