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AI/ML Applications in the Industry

-Mahesh Jadhav The students who want to work in data science must need strong industry skills, domain knowledge, business aspects, and a core understanding of concepts. The guest lecture committee of SCIT invited Mr Mahesh Jadhav, senior manager at Accenture AI, Data Science Division, Pune, on 17th September 2022 to give light on the industry trends and applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.Our speaker, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav, brings

Redefining the Global Supply Chain:

-Dr Ramesh Subramoniam On 5th September, our professor, SVK Bharathi sir, organized a guest lecture with an international expert, Dr Ramesh Subramoniam, on the topic of Supply chain trends. Dr Ramesh Subramoniam, a Clinical Associate Professor of Operations Management at The University of Texas at Dallas. Preceding that, he was a managing director of performance improvement at FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm in Washington, DC. Speaker’s rich academic

MBA life till now.

After two years of staying at home, attending online lectures, and working from home, we finally walked through the doors of SCIT, Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, a dream college for many of us. Everyone was delighted to be part of SCIT and learn from the well-experienced faculty. The first day of college always creates some nervousness and excitement. However, The induction program was a great way of easing us