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Drishtikon Module 4 – Group Discussion

In December, Team Drishtikon organized their fourth module- Group Discussion. Group discussion is a method companies, or organizations use to check whether the candidates have certain personalities or skills that are a must for their members or employees. Group discussion refers to exchanging ideas on a primary issue or topic on a single platform. The session began with the team explaining how we often tend to make mistakes unintentionally when

‘Coming Out Day’

On 1st November, the ISR committee organized a webinar on the LGBTQIA+ Community Coming Out Day with Sandipan Kushary, a Queer Activist and Mobbera Foundation president, and Akkaldev Anamika Yadav, a Research Student. Anamika ma’am shared how difficult it was for her to come to a religious Indian family who viewed her as the family’s black sheep. When finally, she got the courage to tell her mother about sex-change surgery,

Integrity and Ethics Conclave 2021

Integrity and Ethics are considered the two pillars of business without which any company is bound to collapse. Doing a business ethically and with uttermost honesty has been the highlight of the last decade. On 16th October 2021, the Guest Lecture Committee brought us the 6th edition of Integrity and Ethics Conclave. The theme this year was Virtuous Concord: Practicing Morality for Peaceful Co-existence. The broader idea was ‘Virtuous’- proper

Drishtikon 2.0: Module 1

On 24th September 2021, the very first event of the newly formed club Drishtikon 2.0 took place. Drishtikon was created with one goal in mind Tete-A-Tete, we talk you learn. The honorary guest of the evening was Shivani Purthran, Director of Project at LTI. She has more than 15 years of experience working with clients in Northern America, the US, France, and Canada. She harbors various skills like delivery management,

PCOS/PCOD Awareness Program

On 1st September 2021, on account of PCOS/PCOD awareness week, yet another splendid guest lecture was conducted with the theme “Let’s paint the town in teal.” Dr. Leena Bhire Kalmegh, director of Gananam Hospital & Research Institute Gananam IVF & Research Institute, delivered it. The main aim was to burst the myths around PCOS/PCOD and spread awareness.The session began with Ma’am explaining how PCOD is the most misunderstood medical disorder.

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