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Women’s Self Defense !!

Women are viewed as inferior in India so they are living in constant fear of being sexually assaulted. Each and everywhere there are rape cases and molestation cases. It has become daily things to us. A new rape case is reported every 20 minutes in our country. Men showing their strength killing us cruelly. Don’t we have the minimum civic rights to move everywhere freely? Still we are advised how

I wish i were a kid !!

Every time I see school kids, I say this to myself “I wish I were a kid..” ————————————————————————- In uniform they freely roam, Eating junk they walk towards their home. Now, I Prefer the uniform than this formals, While not be a dieting mammal. I wish i were a kid.. I wish i were a kid.. Untied shoes and in any season, Cricket Football they played with everyone. Now, With

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