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Doing Drugs – Is it really Cool?

Drug abuse is a major problem in India. The student community taking to narcotics is one of major concerns. While laws related to drugs are in place in India, the implementation is a long way to go, looking at the widespread use of illicit substances. There are many factors that have contributed to the spread of drugs among youth, with this blog let us take a look at some. Drugs

The Bigger the Menu, the Better the Person

  Right, that’s the general perception. How many times have you seen a small boy/girl standing beside road with both his hands wide open, asking for money, sometimes food? For you, that might be just a moment, distraction or so called “Humanity touching and Realization Moment”. Oh, that might be so emotional to you but have you ever seen his/her eyes asking a question – “Why???” I came across this


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