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Love Everyone, Help Everyone

Most Memorable Moment of my life: GOD IS INSIDE YOU. As usual Sunday,no breakfast,I was drinking tea in a bakery in Kasturi Nagar,Bangalore. Suddenly a lady came towards the bakery with tears and asked everyone where is my mobile?? I lost it, where is it?? She looked very very tensed.she is not able to speak any words completely.Holding one hand in her chest and she was asking everyone,where is my

Save it!!

Yes ,it is for us.Read it completely.Do we know over 30 million people in India have no access to it but you have.Most of the people living in the darker side but it push us to the brighter.Many states in India struggling to provide but we are getting it for 24 hrs. Because of its easy availability ,we never felt the wastage of it .We are wasting it by making


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